Health and Physical Education

Our Mission

The mission of the Narragansett Schools physical education program is to develop knowledge, skills, and values to promote a healthy, active lifestyle. The foundations for the physical education curriculum is consistent with the philosophy articulated in the Rhode Island Physical Education Framework, which is further supported by the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and PE4Life Organization. Such organizations agree that the following elements are critical in order for physical education to meet its goal of developing a student with the knowledge and skills to lead a physically active lifestyle:

  • Certified Physical Education specialists
  • Opportunities for ongoing teacher training
  • Planned, sequential K-12 curricula
  • Daily scheduling of PE classes
  • Manageable class size
  • Time for authentic assessment
  • Appropriate equipment for all students
  • Adequate indoor and outdoor facilities
  • Inclusion of technology

This curriculum is also aligned to the Rhode Island Physical Education Framework: Supporting Physically Active Lifestyles through Quality Physical Education. 
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State Requirements

Rhode Island General Law 16-22-4 Instruction in health and physical education states: “All children in grades one through twelve (12) attending public schools, or any other schools managed and controlled by the state, shall receive in those schools instruction in health and physical education under rules and regulations the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education may prescribe or approve during periods which shall average at least twenty (20) minutes in each school day.”