Third Grade CCSS Math Resources


Unit 1.1 
Addition and Subtraction to 1,000
Unit 1.2 
Area and Perimeter Concepts

Unit 1.3
Meaning of Multiplication

Unit 1.4 
Building Strategies to Learn Multiplication Facts




Unit 2.1 Fractions as Part of a Whole

Unit 2.2
Fractions as Numbers

Unit 2.3 Multiplication and Division within 100
Unit 2.4 Application of Area Concepts



Unit 3.1 Comparing Fractions
Unit 3.2 
Measuring Area and Perimeter
Unit 3.3 Patterns with Multiplication and Division
Unit 4.1 Representing and Interpreting Data




Unit 4.2 
Time and Measurement
Unit 4.3
Computational Fluency
Unit 4.4 
Problem Solving Applications 
CCSS Resources
Problem Solving
  • Kidspiration
  • Excel