Castles Far and Wide

Ghosts in the Castle Castle dwellers still haunt these halls. As you explore, click on them to learn their secrets. Poke around on your own too; each room holds surprises. Try the virtual castle tour by following Marcus the mouse to move from room to room.
Medieval Castle Builder WebQuest (for at least Gr 4 students).You are a living in Wales in the year 1076. You are hired to build a fantastic castle in Aberystwyth, Wales. After researching and taking notes on what daily life in a Welsh castle is like, you will then begin the design of the new castle.

Castles of Britain
Start with the Castle Learning Center, where you'll find dozens of topics, including Building a Castle, Birdseye Views, Dungeons, and Life in a Castle. Other memorable sections are Castle of the Month, Photo Gallery, and Castle
Journey through the Middle Ages  
Life in the Middle Ages  

Kids' Castle
This site is marvelous fun . The home page has an aerial view of the castle. Clicking on a part of the view takes you to that part of the castle. You will find out about the people that lived there and what they did.


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