Second Grade CCSS Math Resources

Unit 1.1 Representing and Solving Problems Using Addition

Unit 1.2
Understanding and Using Place Value Within 1,000

Unit 1.3
Measuring, Estimating, and Representing Data in Standard Units
Unit 2.1 Using Place Value Understanding and Properties of Operations to Solve Addition Word Problems; Building Foundations for Multiplication


Unit 2.2 Develop Understanding of Place Value and Properties of Operations Through Comparison and Written Representation of Numbers Within 1,000

Unit 2.3
Recognize, Draw, and Partition Shapes Having Specified Attributes

Unit 3.1
Using Addition and Subtraction Strategies and Measurement to Solve and Represent Mathematical Thinking
Unit 3.2 Demonstrating Understanding of Place Value Up to 1,000 and Using Properties of Operations Through Addition and Subtraction Strategies


Unit 3.3
Representing and Interpreting Whole Unit Data, Including Time and Measurement
Unit 4.1
Recognizing, Partitioning, and Describing Fractions in 2-D Shapes
Unit 4.2
Generating and Interpreting Data as Represented on a Line Plot and Measuring and Estimating Lengths
Unit 4.3
Fluently Adding and Subtracting Within 1,000 Using Place Value Understanding and Properties of Operations


Unit 4.4
Solving Two-Step Addition and Subtraction and Problems Involving Money
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